Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saving Lives

Yesterday I was able to donate blood for the first time. I've never met all the requirements before but this time I passed with flying colors. I felt so good about my decision and the best part is one donation can save the lives of three people! Wow! I've never saved any one's life before! I recommend it to every one who is able to give. The high of helping others will last much longer than you expect.

But the Missaroo is right on my tail. Her blog, group, and page have worked to save two lives! We know at least two people who have adopted pets thanks to the story of the Missaroo. She's just that awesome!

I hope that we don't stop here! Missaroo and I want to save more pets, more people, and overall just make life better for everyone we know. It's why we share the stories we share in this blog. We want to let people know, yep it is OK to have a bad day, and if you're having more than one, well we know what that's like too. Have people you love in your life who just live like crazy people? Yep we have that too. We don't have the solutions to any of these so-called "problems" and we probably never will. But maybe we can all figure out life's "problems" together.

We love each and every person and pet who reaches out to us. It means the world to know people are reading the blog, joining the Facebook page, and commenting on the wonderful Missaroo pictures posted. We've also received a lot of love via Twitter. Have you adopted a pet ((aka saved a life)) too? We'd love to hear and share your story with others.

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