Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to School

My three week vacation from graduate school is almost over which is another sure sign summer has come and gone. I take night classes on my weekends, two days a week. This is horrible news for the Missaroo. Now instead of spending my "downtime" playing, I'm spending it reading. I try my best to make up for it by holding my book in one hand and her toy in the other, but it's just not the same. Mostly because Miss doesn't get my full attention, and I guess neither does school.

It also means a more grumpy dog mom. I'm not grumpy because I'm back in school. I'm a total nerd and love class. I'm grumpy because I get so darn tired. Just thinking about my class load, added volunteering ((mandatory for class)) and work scheduled has me exhausted. But when I think about most of the people I go to school with, I actually have it pretty easy.

There are some super single moms in my program. They work, go to school, and have real kids, not just puparoo replacements. Plus, like me they are doing it alone. I'm sure they have fantastic support systems, they must. Luckily, the Missaroo is a dog and has the memory of one. She's never going to look back at this stage of her life and think, mom wasn't around that much while she was going to school. In fact, Missaroo doesn't look back AT ALL. That's the beauty of a dog, they only think forward, not backward.

I'm going to try my best to stay extra motivated and extra energized this quarter, for my sake and for the Missaroo's. I would love to still be able to make as much time for her and our adventures as possible. But if you don't hear as much from me, at least you'll know what my excuse will be. I'm back to school.

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