Monday, September 27, 2010

Missy's Chair

When I first adopted Miss in the Tri-Cities, I had exactly one piece of furniture in my living room, my reclining chair. I of course had to have one just like my dad's so he would feel comfortable when he came to visit. I can remember being at the store with my mom picking it out as she asked me "do you really want a blue one? Every chair you've sat in has been blue." Uh, habit I guess. Guess what color my dad's recliner is? I ended up going with a brown one.

After moving to Spokane, I accumulated more furniture. Most of which was given to me for free by my Tri-Cities family. I received a small little sofa and another recliner. It wasn't long before the Missaroo claimed the non-rocking recliner for herself. See, she doesn't like my chair that much because when she tries to get in it, it moves. She barks at it and then walks away. Now she's to the point where she doesn't even try, she just goes for the other one.

Lucky for the Miss, we've only ever had one other person in the apartment at a time. We're not much for entertaining so the "other chair" has really become Missy's chair. Sure she sleeps in her doggie bed, with me in my chair, curled up with or without me on the sofa, but if you're watching TV and looking to see where Miss went, just look across the living room. Oh yeah, you'll find her bone buried in the arm of it too.

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