Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missy Makes a Friend

I called to check on the Missaroo again on Saturday in between wedding events. The second time I got more of a report on how she was doing and it turns out she's not doing great, she's doing FANTASTIC. The Missaroo has a new best friend!

There is a 1year old Blue Heeler that has been boarded with her the whole time ((the vet thinks the Missaroo might be part Heeler because of her size)) and the two of them have become best buds. They run and play with each other everyday and then head to bed exhausted. I was also told that Miss is not sick and her room is always clean! That's my girl! I can't wait to see the Missaroo tomorrow morning, but I am so glad she's doing so well. Who knew?

This is my last blog from the great state of Illinois. Tomorrow I'm flying into Denver ((fingers crossed)) and then from there to Spokane. Hopefully the Missaroo will still be excited to see her mommy! As always, I'll let you know how it goes. Love you all!

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