Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleeping Like a Baby

Missaroo and I did something last night we haven't done in more than a year, we slept like babies. I'm not sure if it was because of our adventurous day, or the nice rain that fell last night, but whatever it was, it knocked us out cold. It started on the couch.

Sometimes Missaroo can be a pain in the rear when it comes to laying on the couch with me, usually because she doesn't want to lay, she wants to be petted. But last night was the exception. She gladly jumped up and laid down with her head on my legs, starring at the wall. Sounds weird, but she probably finds it strange that I stare at the TV.

Then it was time for bed and she was still looking pretty darn comfy. I left her there while I got comfy myself in my own bed. When I was ready, I called her and she came running. I rubbed her belly for a little bit and calmly rubbed her face. After that, she did what has come to be known as the "tighty-tight." ((It's a term first used by a dog dad I work with. It's when your dog makes that tight circle)) And there she slept in my arms for the first time in a very long time. We slept like rocks.

The last time Miss slept that well next to me, literally in my arms, we were staying in a hotel. I was in the process of moving to Spokane and my mom had come to help. We spent about four nights in a hotel after two moves in three months. We were still pretty much without everything we owned, except for Missy's toys and crate and my clothes. Everything else was in storage. Missy didn't know where we were going or what was happening, but she did know she was for sure coming with, always.

If you're judging me or thinking I'm weird by now, well you are definitely reading the wrong blog. Missy is my kidaroo and the only constant thing in my life for the past year and a half. I lived in a lot of places, moved a lot, and faced a ton of uncertainty, but I had her and her smiling face to get through it all. And more importantly, she always had me.

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