Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleeping Like an Adult

So I'm not really sure the title for this blog post makes any real sense, but whatever the opposite of sleeping like a baby is, that's how the Missaroo and I slept last night. One or the other of us was adjusting, tossing, or turning all night long. Until about 6:30 am anyway. Because that's what time Missy had to pee and it's also exactly one hour before the alarm goes off. Of course!

I've had trouble sleeping on Friday nights for almost the entire year. I won't get into it for the billionth time, but let's just say I think too much and Fridays are the worst. I sometimes wonder if Missy can sense that a little bit. She had trouble sleeping too, and well she's a dog, she doesn't really think too much. But I do think she has a great sense of feeling. She seems to just "get it" when I'm having a bad day or even a good day. Now, sometimes she doesn't really care what kind of day I'm having because she just has to pee, but she does get it.

So maybe I am onto something here though with my "sleeping like an adult." That's the problem, adults think too much, babies don't. So maybe in my case I should try to sleep like a dog?

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