Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I don't know how I was able to function without a 30 pound dog attached to me for five whole days. I think the experience made me love my mom's cat Goldie even more than I already do. He sits on you with all 8 pounds of him and you don't even notice! Its also funny to me because my mom and her husband act like Goldie is so loud and so annoying. Um, the cat is pretty much non-existent compared to Missy. Her barking, jumping, and licking of the face don't even compare to a tiny cat meow and a little gold colored cat resting his paws on you. I mean look at how small and cute he is:

 And as you can see, he's not actually on top of me either.

But now the Missaroo is back home and I'm back home and you really wouldn't know anything has ever changed. I have to admit she did a lot better than I ever expected and so did I. Last time I left her, when I came back I would have to stand in the bathroom with her while she ate. She refused to be in a different room as me for the next week or so, and if that meant no eating, well she was OK with that. Right now I'm blogging and she's laying in her bed on the balcony.

Today is also back to work for me. This means we'll go on our walk, eat, and hang out before I head across the street. Then another walk and more eating when I return. I'm glad that Miss and I are both growing up. But she'll always be my puparoo.

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