Monday, September 20, 2010

Should We Trick-Or-Treat?

Missaroo and I were at Petsmart the other day searching for her new toy. We came across all of the Halloween toys, so I decided to check those out. Among the toys were little doggie Halloween costumes. Now, I've always said from day one, "I will not dress my dog in clothes!" But is a costume different? Especially for one day out of the year? Obviously, the thought crossed my mind. But the thought of buying her a costume didn't really float my boat. I mean, I'm poor with a capital P right now, and my tuition is due soon. Not happening I thought.

But on the way home I kept thinking about how funny it would be to take her out trick-or-treating on Halloween. As kids, my brother and I HATED Halloween. We were horrible costume wearers, and if you know anything about the Chicago weather at the end of October and our mother, you'd know, no one ever got to SEE our costumes anyway. Once we realized we could dress up and stay home and pass out the candy, well that was a game changer. Halloween became fun. Then in high school my entire varsity volleyball team dressed up as the football team for Halloween each year and went trick-or-treating. That was tons of fun!

I want it to be fun for the Missaroo too! Right now I'm thinking semi-home made costumes. Actually, I know exactly what I want us to be ((yes I said us, let the judging begin)) but I want it to be a surprise. Of course, on Halloween there will be tons of pictures I'll share with you.

And for those of you who know how my last Halloween went, well let's just say all the more reason to spend it with the Missaroo instead right?. :) Let us know what you think. Anyone else take their pets trick-or-treating???

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