Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please Don't Honk at Me: A Plea From the Missaroo

If you see the Missaroo and me walking down the street, please, PLEASE don't honk at us! It scares the crap out of her. OK, I'll admit, my feet sometimes leave the pavement too but I'm not attached to a leash. Case in point: Last night we were walking when the obnoxious HONK came from behind us. Missy not only jumped, she got caught in her leash. Her foot went through the handle. It was dark and she was freaking a bit and it wasn't fun to try and get her untangled and settled down.

The night before, another HONK. This time Miss almost ended up in the road. Again, not good. Especially at night. Especially when she's spazing. Unfortunately for us, the people that honk are mostly strangers and will never read our funny, little dog blog. BUT this is a fair warning to the rest of you out there.

Sure, I don't see all of those friendly waves. And for that I really am sorry. I enjoy waving at people I know, but I don't always recognize cars. And hey, if it's the morning a little honk from the opposite direction or when you aren't DIRECTLY behind us is OK. It's the full on HONK we don't see coming that is just downright scary sometimes. So this is our plea, Please don't honk at me!

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