Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't Talk to Miss that Way

The other day I was reading for class when Miss went out on the balcony to bark. She was not happy with our neighbors, I'm not really sure why but she was letting them have it. I probably should have gone out there and gotten her, but I really didn't notice it that much. I didn't notice until I heard my neighbor tell the Missaroo to shut up. Or at least that's what I thought I heard. I mean I KNOW I heard "shut up" but I don't know that it was directed at the Missaroo. Either way it got my attention.

Here's the thing about this: Whether you agree with my insanity or not, the Missaroo is my kid. I would NEVER go up to someone else's screaming kid and tell them to shut up. I might think it in my head, or maybe say something to the parent, but not the kid. ((Um and can I remind you all about the 4 year old who single handedly managed to cancel the flight of 250 people? I was glad I had a dog that day.)) And here's another thing, the Missaroo might be my kid but she's still a dog. And a guard dog to top it off. She barks, that's kinda what they do. And if you knowingly move into doggie hell, well then you have to put up with the barking. She's not the only barker on the block, or even the loudest. She sometimes carries on the longest and throws the biggest fits, sure, but she's a dog.

So here's my point: as crazy as I might be, I think people should respect my craziness and not talk to my dog in a way they don't want me to talk to their child. AND Missy is allowed to bark, it kinda comes with the territory. AND if you have a problem with her barking, hey feel free to knock on my door. But don't, I mean DO NOT tell the Missaroo to shut up.

I've been keeping a closer ear on the balcony situation and if the neighbor tells her to shut up one more time, you bet she's going to get a piece of my mind. Tell me what you think. Agree with me? The neighbor? Both? Neither? We'd love to hear from you!

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