Monday, October 4, 2010

My Turn, Karma is a You Know What

So I've been running my big mouth about how Missaroo is clumsy. She runs into poles and parked cars, ha ha! Well I finally got what I deserved and I only wish I could blame it on the Missaroo.

We went back to Tubbs Hill in Coeur d'Alene on Saturday. I had a random shorter day at work thanks to CBS airing sports during the 5pm and 6pm hours. Thank you CBS! So I was off at 3 and by 4 we were enjoying the last 80 degree, sunny day of the year from on top of a beautiful hill overlooking Lake CdA. I was a bit too adventurous, however. I decided we'd go up pretty darn high. There was this little path to no where I decided we would take. Bad idea. First of all I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. ((Have I mentioned I'm not athletic?? Like at all)) Second, when we were trying to come down the steep hilly part guess who fell on her butt and then proceeded to slide her way down? Oh not the Missaroo, nope it was this girl. I had to drop her leash and everything. Luckily she's smart enough to realize I never drop her leash so the moment that happened she immediately stopped and turned around as if to say, what's going on mom? Oh my Missaroo, she's such a smarty.

Miss really came out the winner that day. She got a good doggie laugh at my expense finally and a pretty cool hike. She came home and passed out on the balcony in the sun, soaking up what was left of the day. I took a shower and cleaned myself up. I wasn't really hurt except for my pride and thank goodness for that. It occurred to me as smart as the Missaroo is, she's no Lassie. What if I had fallen and broken my arm or something ((don't worry no wells on Tubbs Hill)) But seriously, what would the Missaroo have done then. Probably just sat there with me trying to lick my face. Also lucky for both of us, Tubbs is a pretty happening place. So it would have only been a matter of seconds until someone walked by.

But just in case, maybe I should start watching old Lassie reruns with Miss. I could train her to do that, right?

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