Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Like Dog Mom, Like Missaroo

Missy heads to the Petsmart Groomers every eight weeks like clock work. They make her next appointment before we leave the previous one and the same gal groomers her every time. Her name is Cynthia and she seems to genuinely love the Missaroo. ((Well how can you not, right?)) When we walk in, Cynthia is there to greet Missy at the door. I'm pretty sure she has no idea what my name is, but that's OK. She's not cutting my hair. But during Monday's trip she did tell me a little story about just how smart she thinks the Missaroo is.

In the back of the groomers there are kennels. Apparently the Missaroo is pretty fussy and will only go into two of them. So when she goes back there she actually picks the one she wants and sit in fronts of it and waits until they let her in. Wow! What a good Missaroo! Then she was telling me how Missy licks her faces the whole time and what a sweet girl she is who gives her no trouble at all. Yep, that's my Miss I thought as she told me how great my dog was.

So then Miss and I headed out. We were buckled in the car and on our way home. Missy barked for 20 minutes straight, uncontrollably. I thought my ears were going to bleed. I thought, I bet if I were to tell her groomer this is how she acted, well she just wouldn't believe me. Not that angel of a dog Missy! And then it occurred to me that's the same way my brother and I were as kids.

My brother and I were BRATS with a capital B. I still am and Jeffrey is just Jeffrey. But there is one thing that was instilled in us at a very early age, you act proper in public and you respect adults. And you bet that we did. My mom was never afraid to put us in our places in public so we knew better than to give her the chance. Nothing more embarrassing than getting a smack to the back of the head in front of your friends or the lady that cuts your hair, or insert anything where you have to see those people again. I guess that's kind of like the Missaroo too. She's an angel in public and then lets our her brattiness in the car. Althought she'd bark like that even if her groomer was in the car with us. Oh that Missaroo!

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