Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love is Just Around the Corner

I actually thought of this title before I wrote "Hate is Just Around the Corner." I wanted to do them back to back like usual, but that would require a bit more sleep than I've been getting lately so I messed up and did them a little farther apart, oh well.

Time to delve right into. I think love is just around the corner. Now, before you get your hopes up, there is NO ONE in mind right now. I'm not even dating anyone or thinking about dating anyone, I'm just... hopeful. I've been having a rough go lately with a string of bad timings and bad luck, and yet everyday I've at least woken up happy. I find myself smiling for no reason while I walk the Missaroo, and overall just filled with more joy than usual. I can't really explain it. Usually when things start to fall apart around me I fall too. But this time I've finally listened to the Rockford Peach in my head, "Just keep smilin.'"

All of this smiling has me feeling pretty optimistic these days. I keep looking at Miss like, you might have to move over a bit girl, I'm making room in my life again. It's weird too because I've never really felt like that before. Its sort of happened, and I made room to let it occur, but never ahead of time. But hey, those last two times I fell in love it didn't really turn out the way I wanted to either now did it? So maybe this is a really, really great thing. Love might truly be just around the corner, you just never know!

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