Thursday, October 7, 2010

Do It Yourselfers

I don't get to play the girl card too often. It's mostly because of this life I've chosen. I live thousands of miles from family. No roommate, no boyfriend, and not too many friends here in general. So when a HUGE bug crosses my path, I don't really have the luxury of freaking out. Case in point: I was cleaning yesterday when I came across a gigantic bug. I have no idea what it was but it was gross and had those antenna things sticking out of it's head. I couldn't scream or run into the other room. Instead I kept one eye on it while I reached around for a paper towel and smushed it to death. Done. When a light goes out, I fix it. When my TV doesn't work I mess with the cords, and when Christmas comes I'll be out cutting down my own Charlie Brown Tree.

But there is one area in which I still play the girl card. Yesterday morning I went to start my car and the battery was dead. Crap. It was totally my fault and actually the third time I've done this since I moved here. My old car doors are heavy and you have to slam them shut, which is a little hard when you only way a buck something and you're parked in a garage. Needless to say the light inside had been on for almost two whole days.

I immediately called my friend Kristen knowing full well she'd talk her boyfriend into saving the day. Doug has also been my go-to guy for much of the year. I tell ya he must really love that woman to be putting up with my crap too. Doug and Kristen saved the day while Miss and I just looked on, pretty helpless. Although she did have command of the balcony, barking at us the whole time. When it comes to cars, I still play the girl card.

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