Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harry the Chicken Backfires

Our struggle to find a great dog toy continues. A couple of days ago I introduced you to Harry the Chicken. He is great in so many ways. He isn't stuffed so Missy won't get sick destroying him, plus she can't destroy him as easily. And then there was my personal favorite, how obnoxious he is. Two squeakers in that little body? It makes me laugh so hard I can barely play with Harry and Missy. But after a few days of tossing him around the apartment, his down side became evident, and by evident I mean here's the evidence:

Every time Harry's bright red legs or head hit anything white in my apartment, ((you know like the walls and my closet doors?)) He leaves these marks. Not Cool.

I still love Harry and so does the Missaroo. I'm just going to have to work on not trying to bounce him off the walls and into the bedroom from the living room any more. Will we ever find the perfect dog toy?

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