Friday, September 24, 2010

Missy Goes to College

I thought since Miss is so mad I'm not around as much on my "days off" I'd show her where mommy is while she's at home. I took the Missaroo to Eastern's Spokane Campus where I take classes. I had to buy books today anyway, so I thought I'd take her along for the ride and then we could get our walk out of the way there too. Like any good mom, I was proud of my little girl on her first day at school. So proud I had to take a few pictures:

This was a close as I could get her to an academic building sign while seeing her and the sign and not my hand....

And then I took another one just for good measure. This is her thinking face, I think.....

Either way the Missaroo went to college today and I'm oh so proud. :)

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