Friday, June 11, 2010

Mommy to the Rescue

A couple of nights ago, Missy accidentally knocked one of her "buried" bones behind the bed. It was underneath the pillow but she hit it somehow in the middle of the night and off the bed it went. It was just a few minutes before 1 am when I heard, what sounded like her trying to crawl underneath the bed. Yep. That's exactly what she was trying to do. Then the sound of pain started. It was worse than her normal wine. So I got up. I turned the light on. I moved the bed away from the wall. She still couldn't get it, so it was mommy to the rescue. I crawled in there and got it for her. She didn't even chew on it, turns out she was just unhappy with the placement of it. Great! I'm really glad she woke me up for that, but oh well. At least I saved the day....

The next day I picked up my mom at the airport. I miss my mom A LOT. As much as I'm pretty darn content to never move back to Illinois, I probably will one day because of my mom. She's my best  friend. We get into a fight every 2.5 seconds, we laugh constantly, and love always. I've been having a pretty hard time here as we all know, mostly due to the sheer loneliness that comes with the territory. I had had about all I could take of doing things by myself, or not at all because I couldn't take the dog. Just when I thought I couldn't take one more day, it was mommy to the rescue.

Now it's the start of day four of Grams and the Missaroo adventures. She loves that dog, even if she pretends not to.

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