Monday, July 26, 2010

Missy's Favorite Toy

Missy is one lucky duck. Did you know that this dog hasn't gone a single day without a bone? Not one day! She always has a toy, a bone, and food. Not to mention all the other perks. In my personal opinion, she's living the good life. And Petsmart is living the good life too. We spend a lot of money there buying all of these toys, bones, and treats. Dont' forget the treats! But right now her favorite toy didn't come from Petsmart or any other pet store. It came from my dresser drawer, thanks to Grams.

When my mom was here visiting she bought me new socks. I had several with holes in them, including a thick gray pair. You know, my winter socks. They had holes in the heals and it was time for them to go. But instead of trashing them, Grams simply tied them in a knot and threw them in Missaroo's crate. More than a month later and the socks are still the first toy Missy pulls out to play with. Think of all the money I could have been saving. A pair of old gray socks is the Missaroo's favorite toy.

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