Friday, July 9, 2010

Can't Take the Heat

The summer has finally arrived in the Inland Northwest and it feels GREAT! Well at least to me. I have to remember to take it easy on the poor Missaroo in the heat, she doesn't do so well. Last year we got a real scare in the heat. We were walking out of necessity to go pick up my car from the shop. I don't really have any friends and we had to go pick it up in the middle of the day so it was us and our feet to get there. It was easily 100 degrees that day and Missy and I ventured out. She also had her backpack on. It was the biggest mistake I've ever made as a dog mom and boy did I learn my lesson.

We were almost there when Missy stopped, threw up and then fell over. Luckily, I know the sound of throw up all too well and knew she was about ready to so I dropped to the ground with her. I caught her in my arms as she fell. I immediately took off her backpack and got her water out. I started gently pouring it on her head as I held her in the shade. We waited it out and I let her recover before we started heading for the car again. Missy pretty much had a mini heat stroke.

The hottest day this year and we were out again. This time Missy was sick and couldn't make it very far. We weren't in danger of heat stroke this time, but I did have to keep telling her "Good girl Miss you can do it, almost home baby girl." For all the energy this one has, she doesn't do well in the heat. It's something I really have to keep in mind.

And I guess let me take the time to remind you hot cars and pets don't mix. It's something I have to remind myself about as well. Missy loves to go with me everywhere and sometimes before I even realize it we're driving around and it's super hot out. A lot of times I have to turn around and drop her off because even my quick trips are too much in the heat. So I guess you can never really say it enough, pets can't take the heat.

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