Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pill Popper

Getting Missy to take her pills has been no easy task. Since this is not her first time around the block with the pills, she's on to all of my tricks. I've tried smashing it up into powder and mixing it with her food. She still ate around most of it. I tried smashing it up with her treat. She was on to that one too. I had even tried to force it down her throat! Maybe if she was 15 pounds and fit on my lap that would have worked. I was just about at my wits end with an easy fix to our solution when my mom came to the rescue.

Now, you might remember me telling you about how Missy out smarted Grams not so long ago. My mom thought she could simply muzzle Missy in the car. Yep, that worked until about 30 seconds into it when she figure out how to tear it off her nose. Well this time Grams has evened the score. "Peanut butter" She said to me, "Have you tired giving it to her with peanut butter." To which I replied, "Now that's a thought."

Missy loves peanut butter A LOT. And more than that, a crushed up pill would stick nicely to it. So when Missy when to eat it she couldn't avoid the pill particles. So today we tried it. I have to come home in the middle of the day to give Missy her pill so time really is of the essence. I gave her a dab of peanut butter filled with the pill bits and she licked it up no questions asked! Grams is a genius!

I feel like this has definitely been another dog mom moment for me. It's good training if I ever need to try and trick a sick kid into taking medicine. Although I did mention at work the other day that Missy is "the child I'll never have." 

On a side note, I talked to the vet today and everything looks like it's clearing up. Missy is also starting to feel better. She'll be off the bland food and pills in a couple of days and hopefully back to her spunky self.  

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  1. We do that with Jack.. put his pills in peanut butter or put it in bread and he doesnt really pay attention and gobbles his pills right up!