Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Marching On

The Fight for No Kill marches on in Milwaukee. The new executive director of Milwaukee Area Domestic Care and Control has taken over the reign. The media has drawn attention to the killing at the shelter and to the plight of Milwaukee's court case dogs. Unfortunately not all is well in the animal world. I was unable to attend the most recent MADACC operations meeting because of a last minute change to the monthly meeting (I suspect foul play) but MADACC has for the first time posted the time and date to this month's meeting on their Facebook page (a good sign). The new director promises change in a year, I promise to hold her to that. Even if there are significant changes in a year's time, the true test will be to change the law and culture of killing. The only thing worse than continuing the killing now would be have it stop under one director, just for it to be re-implemented under a new one in a few years time. I only have a couple of years here in Milwaukee and it's my mission to the city to go No Kill once and for all. So until Milwaukee is considered a No Kill community we must march on. What a good month to get started. Let's not only show the citizens of this city it can be done, let's convince them it must be done.

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