Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally, a Response

After sending more than a dozen emails to local government officials about the mass killing of animals at MADACC, I finally received a response from the mayor's office. Although it was not from the mayor himself, which I would have preferred, any response is welcome. ((I emailed my alderman several times and never heard anything back which he will regret when I help his opponent campaign against him in the next election.))

Back to my response: The city emailed me with a tracking number of my "case" showing that I am "dissatisfied with the euthanasia at MADACC." When I click on the link it really only shows me that my case complaint is "open" but hey, at least I am officially on record and I brought it to someone's attention.

Again, all this is is a step in the right direction, just as my last post showed as well. And really what this means is that I will continue to push the No Kill agenda forward. I truly believe that enough "open cases" will force local government to do something about this. Enough pressure from tax payers usually can move mountains, even if ever so slowly. Like many things in my life right now, this is a marathon not a sprint. So put on your most comfortable running shoes people because I am in it to win it.

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