Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Balcony Wars

The dogs and I have been without our balcony for more than a week now. We should be able to walk on it again by tomorrow morning, we shall see. This is one of those apartment fixer uppers that's totally annoying for the renter and no one can really tell the difference or even knew there was something wrong with their balconies in the first place.

More than the fact I can't use balcony, park in my own garage for a few days, and have my entire block smell like paint, the dogs were officially freaked out. I came home one day and Missy was just shaking in her crate. Most of the time when I was home she was either barking at the strange men on our balcony, who by the way got there via ladder, or hiding under the bed. It was not fun for any of us but did serve as a reminder for me as to how easily I could be robbed.

Anyone that knows me, knows this is one of those things that would just light a fire under my butt. And yes I did lose my cool on a few of the workers and let the apartment complex know how annoying I found the whole thing to be. I even encouraged Mister to go pee on their stuff once. He didn't, but I would have thought it was hilarious if he had.

So there are two things I've figured out from this whole balcony war of words with the apartment complex. One: I'm so happy I have my dogs to protect me from people who decide to climb up onto my balcony. And two: I am first and foremost a dog mom and the fact that my pups were shaking really, really pissed me off. My poor babies listening to strangers in their apartment all day long with nothing they could do about it broke my heart. I wanted to kill those guys, but I didn't and of course I would have let the Missaroo have the first go-round.

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