Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dog Name Fail

When I first saw Mister up for adoption there were two things about him that made me think "I have to adopt this dog!" One thought was, "if Missy were a Chihuahua this is what she would look like" and the second though being "Missy and Mister how cute!" It never occurred to me there might be a down side to having a dog named Mister until last month......

It was 4am when Mister and Missy decided they needed to pee. I reluctantly half woke up in order to take them down the stairs. It's always an emergency so I didn't bother to wake up enough to find my shoes or Mister's collar, just Missy's. Mister bolted, Missy and I followed as fast as we could behind him. But unlike all the other pee emergencies, Mister didn't stop on the patch of grass at the foot of the stairs. Instead he took off down the parking lot barking at something. The something just looked like a blur to me without my glasses on so while I'm still on the stairs with Missy just four feet away I start to yell for Mister. The yelling went something like this, "Mister! Stop! Stop Mister!"

It was then I saw the blur stop moving. Probably because the blur turned out to be a man, you might even call him a mister. Did I mention Mister couldn't be seen running through the parked cars, just Miss and me were visible. So that's right, some dude saw some barefoot woman with a dog attached to her running down her steps at 4 in the morning shouting "mister stop." It wasn't until after Mister popped out from behind the cars he shouted back "Is that really the name of your dog?" Probably the most embarrassing dog mom moment to date. Good thing I wasn't completely awake for it and the embarrassment didn't settle in until my alarm went off a few hours later. When in doubt, don't name your dog mister.

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