Monday, February 7, 2011

Peed On, Again

If you are new to the dog blog I apologize for all of the pee and poop references. For everyone else, well you should be use to it by now.

Mister peed on me, AGAIN this morning. This time he waited until I had already showered and was in my work clothes before he got me. I think Missy literally excited the pee right out of him. Those two love to play. They run around the apartment all the time. It was in middle of their running around that he got me. I went to break the two of them up for a minute, got in between them, picked him up, and out it came.... ALL. OVER.

Out to the grassy patch we went. I didn't even put his leash on. We just high tailed it out and I put him down until he finished. In the meantime, I had pee on my hand, skirt, sweater, pantyhose, pretty much everything other than my underwear. After we were done outside, he went into the crate, while I stripped down and changed. Missy just kept quiet underneath the bar stool. She was sad she lost her play buddy for a bit.

But the thing is what can you do? We're potty training and accidents happen, right? I mean he did it, I changed, we're working on it. Nothing else to do and you can't be mad at him. He doesn't understand that past about 6 seconds. So you move on.....

And then I was sitting at work looking over videos to put up on the website. The one about a cat saving its owner from a fire caught my eye. I thought, "Missy would do that, she'd wake me up in time.... yeah and then Mister could pee it out!" Always look on the bright side.

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