Monday, February 21, 2011

Like Missy, Like Mister

Missy is a great big sis, I mean she is Big Sis Miss after all!  But more than that, Mister really does look up to her, and not just because he's small. He's actually starting to pick up on her habits. But of course, since this blog is all about our miss-adventures, they are her BAD habits. Just. My. Luck.

Yesterday we were on a walk when Missy spotted another dog in her territory. She did her usual pull, bark, and heavy breathing freak out. Mister, who was walking along right next to her, started to do the same thing. But it was more than that, he would look over AT HER when he did it. He wasn't just reacting as much as he was emulating. He's also started howling out the window like Missy too.

I love how much fun they seem to have together. I LOVE that they get along and are super good sharers of all things. ((They actually switch off bones in the middle of a chew session)) I just wish she had taught him to, I don't know, sit perhaps? Lay down? Go into his crate on his own? All wonderful habits of the Missaroo's but no, it's her pulling and barking he's picked up on.

There is one great quality he shares with her, but I'm pretty sure he had it before the two of them ever met, the cuddle quality. Mister loves to sit on my lap. He loves to be out of his crate finally in the morning and sneak up on the bed to lay with Miss and me. He is a lover just like big sis. Like Missy, Like Mister.

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