Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protectors of the Universe

If there is one thing Missy and Mister have down, it's being the world's most annoying barkers. Holy Cow with the barking. Missy mostly barks at dogs, Mister barks at people, so between the two of them, they bark at everything. No UPS driver, garbage picker upper or dog walker makes it through our apartment complex without the two of them knowing and barking about it.

In one of our very first blogs, I wrote about how Missy would not only bark, but she would jump on top of me and bark. I would wake up form napping in my recliner ((I had to sleep out in the living room with her for weeks when I first got her)) with a dog above me, protecting me from a noise she didn't recognize. Today, I was trying to catch a nap after getting up before 6am when the recycling pick up came through. I opened my eyes to find little Mister-mister barking his head off right in front of me. Together I have two protectors of the universe right in my very own apartment,. What a lucky girl I am.

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