Monday, February 7, 2011

I Hate the Newspaper Dude

OK so the title of this blog might seem a bit extreme, hate is a word I probably throw around too much, so let me explain.

With Grams still in town there is a strict "no dogs in the bed" policy in effect. This means Mister sleeps in his crate and Missy sleeps in her chair, both out in the living room. This means they hear and see a lot more than if they were in the bedroom with the door closed like Grams and me. This is also why I hate the newspaper dude. Remember when I use to complain about Missy's wake up calls at 7am? Yeah the newspaper doesn't come quite that late in the day.....

5am is my new wake up time. I get up when they get up barking and wining, Its a quick trip down the stairs and out for a walk. Two pees and two poops later and we're back inside and its time to eat. One bowl of tiny bites for Mister and one bowl of big bites for Miss, water time and then its finally back to bed for this dogmom and her puparoos. And by back to bed of course I mean until the original wake up call at 7:15am when Missy is ready to take on the world.

Seriously newspaper dude, I'm convinced you are a stellar human being and if we met on the street I would say hi and maybe even throw you a high-five,  but you don't even deliver to me. Can you pull up down the block perhaps and creep up the stairs next time? Something tells me he'd still wake the dogs.

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