Sunday, January 22, 2012

One More About Mister

So Mister turned the big oh-two on Thursday but the poor little dude didn't get to properly celebrate until Saturday. Lucky for him, he has no idea when his birthday is so it didn't really matter.

We started our Saturday like every other one, with a walk. Missy came too of course. Then it was just Mister and me for the rest of the morning. We headed to our fav Petsmart in the Valley. We walked up and down every aisle. He got lots of pets from workers and customers alike. He even got attacked by a hyper puppy named Bear. Let me tell you, Mister is not so tough without the Missaroo there to save him. I had to pick him up! I also got to pick him up to show him the cats and the birds and the gerbils. Usually it's just the Missaroo who is tall enough to take a peak at the other animals. This time Mister got to take a peak too. He actually wasn't as thrilled as I hoped he be. He kinda just put his head on my shoulder and looked around. I liked it though.

We also made some Mister purchases at the store. He has a new bag of dog food, a new rope (steak flavored) and some new bones to share with the Missaroo. I still need to make him a blanket to match Missy's present from last year.

Then we spent the rest of the day playing, chewing, and napping. It was a pretty good birthday celebration. Next up is the Missaroo! She turns four on Tuesday and they both have matching groom appointments for the day.

ps I think Mister is starting to lose some weight. What do you think? Skinny yet? 

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