Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dark Side of Doing the Right Thing

Over the last several weeks, I have truly engrossed myself in all things No Kill. I finished a fantastic and eye opening book by Nathan Winograd entitled "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill revolution in America". The book is really the kick start to my final Master's paper focusing on No Kill. I've also been checking out even more websites and blogs on the topic. The majority of it has driven my passion to write this paper and ultimately advance the No Kill movement, but today it all just makes me sad.

As most of you know, I attended, and blogged about, Best Friends Humane Society's "No More Homeless Pets 2011" conference. I had such a blast there and it really helped ignite the spark in me to read more about No Kill. Today I came across a Facebook post, linked to a Twitter account, connected to a blog that blasted Best Friends. I understand that it is not easy to make and keep friends when you know in your heart No Kill is not just an answer it is the only answer. BUT it is also a hard pill to swallow to accept the very organization that showed me the light could also be helping others stay in the dark. My entire opinion about Best Friends hasn't changed by something I read on a blog, but I will take a second look at the controversy, tomorrow.

Today I'm saddened that No Kill is not a reality yet. I'm sad that everyone, everywhere, every single pet owner across the country is not up in arms about animal killing. I'm too sad to keep reading about it today. I'll pick up my torch tomorrow before heading to the Spokane Humane Society for my volunteer shift. Tonight I'm just going to love my dogs as much as I can and thank God no one killed them before I got the chance to look them in the eye.

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