Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Hero Henry

Today I met an amazing dog named Henry. Henry is full of life and loves to smile. He does amazing at agility and is often times the most focused dog in the room during training sessions. Henry just makes me want to smile and forget about my bad day. What's even more amazing about Henry is that he is blind. I've never met a blind dog before. I soon found myself saying things like poor Henry. But that is not Henry's attitude at all and lucky for him that is not the attitude at Found Chicago either. He might be a considered a "special needs" dog, but really it Henry who dishes up the life lesson. He shows us, that just like with humans, blind dogs can do everything seeing dogs can, and then some!

At Found, Henry isn't treated like the other dogs, his trainer is even MORE strict with him. Why? Because who wants a rambunctious, blind pitbull? Now thanks to his training, Henry has a second chance at life! Henry is ready for adoption. Click here to check out his bio. Henry is definitely my hero for the month. I hope that someone loving will make Henry his or her hero for the rest of his life.

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