Monday, June 11, 2012

Dog Mom Vacation

I turned the big 2-7 on Sunday and, well, I'm not too happy about it. I'm officially in my late 20's and I don't have much to show for it, other than my two beautiful puparoos of course! So I decided I needed to get out of town to celebrate and what better way than visiting a fellow dog mom? So I hopped a plane and headed to Rhode Island for the weekend.

My friend Molly is pretty much the reason I have the Missaroo. We worked together in the Tri-Cities and she was the first person to really tell me "you should get a dog." So this weekend I took a break from my two and visited her and Wiley. While I was there we went to a pet parent event called "Pints for Paws." It was a fundraiser for the Providence Animal Rescue League AND you could bring your dog! It was fun to be surrounded by fellow pet parents who really "get it," although it did make me miss Missy and Mister more than I already did. I told a lot of Missaroo stories, was recommended some books to read, and got to see other dog moms and dads really do their thing.

I met one dog mom who has to spoon feed her dog while he stands up. Then when he's done she has to hold him upright for about 20 minutes while he digests it. Wow! Others just told me funny stories about things their dogs do or heartwarming tales of love and rescue. It was a really great experience and made it even harder to leave. It made me more sad about my current situation.

Coming home, nobody gets it. In fact, I'm sitting out in the garage blogging right now because, seriously, no one gets it. My dogs aren't allowed inside so why would I want to be there? Um, I don't. So I sit outside all day long until it's time for bed. If it weren't for the dogs I probably would have moved into my car and just driven off by now. But there is hope for me out there. There is hope I end up like Molly again one day. Hanging out with my fellow pet parents at the park. Making friends, playing with dogs. It's all I really want.

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