Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby Love

My aunt is having a huge garage sale for the second weekend in a row. Last week, I checked it out/helped out with my mom. Since I was killing time away from my doggies, I just couldn't return to them empty handed! But what could I bring them back from a garage sale? My first stop was the stuffed animal bin. The only problem is that all of the stuffed animals had those little pellet things inside. Well that's just a disaster waiting to happen. One rip of the fabric and hazardous material would be ready for the consumption. Then my aunt suggested taking a peak inside the free bin where there were a couple of old dolls. Bingo! I found a winner I was sure Mister would love. We named him baby.

Missaroo loves him too.

And by love I mean wants to rip his legs off. 

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