Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

There aren't a whole lot of places I rather be than home with my dogs. I mean, come on, my ideal job is what I'm doing right now. Unfortunately, I've only made less than a dollar in two years of doing this so I have to look for work outside my backyard. I think if I could pick a runner up, it would have to be the place I go to everyday, Found Chicago. I love it there! Sure, at noon I'm ready to punch out for the day. BUT I'm also just a lowly intern and most of my day consists of picking up poop. That part of the gig is def not my dream job but I put a big smile on my face while I do it anyway. Why? Simple: Everyday we save lives. I would love to help Found save even more lives for the rest of mine. Not only are they apart of the No Kill movement, they are on the cusp of something really great. I want to be a part of their greatness too. So everyday while I'm cleaning kennels, mopping floors, filing papers, and meeting with the head honcho, I just keep smiling. For me, Found Chicago has become the happiest place on earth.

So, now you're on board right? Totally pumped and want to help Found save lives too, right? You can! And we won't even ask you to pick up poop! Just drink! Cocktails for Canines is June 29th at Parlour on Clark in Chicago. I'll be at the front door to greet you. For ten dollars you get two drinks and the chance to make a difference. There's more info on theFound Facebook Page. See you there!

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