Sunday, April 22, 2012


We have been doing some serious blog slacking lately. And by we of course, I'm trying to blame the dogs along with myself. But unfortunately they can't type so at the end of the day, all fingers point here. So what's up with the slacking you might be asking? Here's the sitc (short for situation) I have serious writer's block. Like I've never, ever had before. The words just aren't coming. All I can think about is Bill and silly little blog posts just don't seem as important as they once did. I also don't want to bore everyone with the minute details of his recovery. I live for those details. I patiently wait by the phone every night, checking it every few minutes to see if there's a new post about how he is doing. But I realize that is my thing and probably not your thing. Especially because this is still the dog blog and is suppose to be stories about the dogs, not always me.

So I just don't know what else to say. The dogs have an appointment with the vet on Tuesday. Maybe something so dog-blogish will happened that I'll just have to post about it. Until then we wish you all well, and please pray for Bill.

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