Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One From the Road

Greetings from North Dakota! I am officially back in the central time zone again, which means the car in my clock is finally on the correct time. I always kept it in central time even after moving out West so I would know what time it was when I called my mom, usually from the car. It has been quite the adventure so far for mom, the dogs, and me. Long days in the car, a tiny bit of sightseeing, and then pool-ing it up at night in the hotels. Of course, with two dogs in toe, there are a LOT of potty breaks along the way.

For those of you who know the Missaroo personally, you might be wondering how she is making it across country. Missaroo might be the craziest dog on the planet and she is hands down the worst car rider of all time. So as my mom says "she's sedated and crated" the whole time. We give her doggie downers via peanut butter crackers before we leave and 30 minutes later she's too drugged up to bark. At pit stops she sometimes needs helping getting up and out of the car, but once she's out she does just fine walking around high.

Mister, on the other hand, might be the world's best traveler. Other than his frequent potty breaks, he just lays there. In fact, while I took a break from driving yesterday he sat shotgun with me! It was fun to have the sidekick next to me.

In the hotels the dogs have done exceptionally well. They bark when they hear people right outside the door, but that's just their stranger-danger instinct. Mom gets mad about it, but that's mostly because she seems to be big on sleeping late. I'm already up and about so it doesn't bother me any.

Welp, tomorrow we should be on to Minnesota, don't-cha-know. I just wanted to send a quick note from the road. Don't forget to follow the Missaroo and me on Twitter to see pics and thoughts as we travel along the way!

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