Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucky Dogs

I am constantly reminded just how lucky Mister and Missy are, and last night was no exception. This gets a little personal and there needs to be a little bit of a back story so bear with me. I am currently in a fight with someone who means the world to me and is probably the most wonderful person I've ever met. It sucks. We both caused it. And yet somehow I let this squabble continue because at least being in a fight is still being in a something. There's no one else I rather talk to so if fighting is the only way to hear his voice anymore so be it. Stupid I know, but the reality is a week from now his voice will be gone from my life completely. So back to the dogs.

Last night the dogs were able to see their favorite person in world, despite our fight. He said hello to them and it made me so happy that those two are so perfect even their stupid mom can't keep goodness out of their lives.  It meant the world to them and to me that they only know love and happiness. It's just another reason why they are my love and happiness.They are so lucky to still have such an amazing person in their lives. I'm so glad even I can't take that away from them.

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