Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When the Missaroo Attacks

Monday morning is home to one of the scariest dog mom moments I've ever had. Missy got loose and took off after another dog. Don't believe me? I have a purple lip to prove it. So what happened? It was 6:30am, still dark out, and we had just gotten up. We were going to make our way around the block when we ran into the neighbor and her two large dogs. Very calm, very relaxed dogs mind you. I went to turn directions and started dragging Mister and Missy the other way when I quickly realized I had one dog and two leashes. Not. Good.

The next few seconds felt like hours and yet seems like one big blur. All I remember is running, screaming at Missy. Yelling my apologizes and trying to explain while going after my crazy dog. I remember being on my knees trying to grab her from behind to gain control. It was while I was on my knees and grabbing her from the hips that she popped up and headbutted me in the lip. Ouch! But I didn't lose my grip. I carried her home with Mister still just on his leash and just being the innocent bystander to the madness surrounding him. When I got back up the stairs to the apartment I put Missy's harness back on her. Tight everywhere. I must not have clipped it well enough in the morning. My fault! Oh the guilt. I cannot even tell you how horrible I feel that Missy went after another dog.

Missy on the attack is truly my biggest fear. If she really were to get after another dog there is a good chance she could lose her life and with that I would lose mine. I cannot wait to move out of doggie hell, get those two into a backyard, and try working on this temperament problem of hers. AGAIN. In the meantime, you better believe I give her one big tug before I open the door.

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