Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shameless Plug

I recently entered Missy in the Human Society of the United States's World Spay Day 2012 photo contest. Think what you will about HSUS and believe me I have issues with their refusal to go No Kill myself. BUT I think we can all agree spaying and neutering your pet is awesome. PLUS the contest gives you the option to allow your pet's donations to go to a LOCAL animal shelter instead of them. I chose the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League which is located just north of my hometown. So VOTE FOR MISSY and share with your friends. Here's how is works:

  1. To vote for a pet, a person must first donate -- every $1 means 1 vote for your pet ($5 = 5 votes, and so on). Every dollar raised by your best friend will help the organization you chose spay and neuter animals -- and get you closer to winning the grand prize! 
  2. Share your pet's photo with the animal lovers in your life. You can post it to Facebook, tweet it, spread the word by email, and more—all using our easy share tools! 
  3. You can also join your friends and family in voting for your pet - just donate $5 for 5 votes, $10 for 10 votes, and so on. 
Every vote in your pet's honor promotes spay and neuter efforts across the globe and right in your own neighborhood, helping to lower the number of animals who are euthanized each day and control pet overpopulation. Be sure to check the World Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest website to find your pet and see how he or she is doing in the contest. And don't forget: The deadline for voting is 10 p.m., Eastern Time, February 29, 2012.

Thanks everyone! Let's help pets and share the Missaroo with the world! Loves.

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