Wednesday, July 18, 2012


On Friday, someone tied his dog to the door of the veterinary clinic next door to Found Chicago where I intern. It was disgusting. Long story short, the guy fed his dog RAW CHICKEN and the dog was super sick; as in Homer has renal failure. My boss of course took Homer in and we starting taking care of him right away. Today, I had the privileged of helping out. I gowned and gloved up before helping administer several pills to the poor guy. I took him for a potty break and then had to clean down the spot where he went so no one else gets sick. I also just sat there and told poor Homer it was going to be alright. The good news is that was a true statement. Homer has been improving every day since we took him.

As with most recent challenges in my life, I could spend my energy being mad at the idiot who got his dog sick and then abandoned him, or I can focus on how I can help save Homer's life. I chose the latter. Just in case you didn't already know this, not everything you read on the Internet is true, especially if the Internet tells you it is OK for you to feed your dog RAW CHICKEN, or any raw meat for that matter.

Challenges like this are what keep me going. As horrible as the story of Homer started, it will have a happy ending. I am so grateful I get to be apart of Homer's story. Dogs like Homer make cleaning kennels and scooping poop all worth it in the end. We all have to do our part to save lives. I challenge you to find out how you can help. Even if it's just sitting with sick dogs or cleaning up after them. All of this can make a huge impact on a dog's life. And every dog saved is another step in the No Kill movement. Keep going!

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  1. Just a quick update. We were unable to save Homer. May he rest in peace. Miss ya furry fella.