Saturday, March 24, 2012

Team Bill

I wanted to thank you all for your love and support of Bill. It has been amazing how many people in my life have been taking time out of their day to pray for Bill. The good news is the prayers are working. Bill is still unconscious, but moving more and more each day. The brain swelling is down and his lungs are healing. Each day we receive more positive news from Dayton, Ohio. Bill will have a long road of recovery ahead of him so keep up the prayers please as he keeps up the fight.

Although the news overall has been positive, the truth is right now we are just waiting for Bill to come out of this coma. It could be up to three weeks total. That is a lot of time to sit and wait, and ultimately become negative. So far, I personally have only had a few moments in the week and a half since the accident that I have thought a negative thought. Your prayers and support are part of what keeps me sending Bill positive vibes. I also just keep thinking about seeing Bill in the hospital. I continually go over what I want to tell him about, what I'm going to say, I've even tried to put together an outfit in my head. All of those thoughts might seem pretensions, but really it's about the fact that I will see and speak to Bill again. The dogs will have their dog dad alive and well, even if he is across the country.

I am really proud of those two dogs by the way. Missy had a rough few days. She threw up everyday and became extra needy. ((Since Missy is already needy in general, extra needy is almost unbearable. It's like moving around with an extra 26 pounds on top of you at all times)) Strangely enough, as soon as Bill's brain swelling went down, the puking stopped. Even more strange, I didn't know his brain swelling went down until after the fact. Now try and tell me those two aren't forever linked emotionally and spiritually. We might have opposable thumbs, but dogs are one with the universe in a way we can never imagine. At least that's my take on it anyway.

So again, thank you for joining Team Bill. Keep up the fight.

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