Monday, April 26, 2010

We Live in Doggie Hell

In The Tri-Cities, it what the mass amount of over watering sprinklers that made going outside for walks more adventurous than they should have been, in Spokane it's the massive amount of dogs. But more specifically, I'm talking about my favorite kind of owner dog comb, dogs without leashes.

Yesterday, Missy and I ventured through doggie hell because I was in need of a poop bag before we began our real walk down the road. There was a puppy wiener dog eyeing the Missaroo from across the parking lot. I told Missy, "Behave" in my stern mom voice and she was listening, staring, but moving right along with me. Well this little wiener dog was not listening. The owner is standing NEXT TO IT. The next thing I know the dog is coming after us, so I try to haul butt with Missaroo to our poop bag destination. The owner is coming with the dog but why she hasn't caught up to this stupid dog yet I can't figure out, mostly because I'm pulling my poor dog down the grass.

Finally I decide to stop. Thinking maybe she can catch up to her dog. So we stop and she says sorry and I say it's ok but she will attack ((as in Missaroo will attack)) But instead of corralling her dog in she bends down and starts TALKING to it. She says "No Izzy" in a very sweet little voice. I can't believe it! And I'm the crazy dog lady! Sheesh, I don't think so. So here I go pulling Missy's poor head off to get her AWAY FROM THIS FREAKING DOG AND HER CRAZY OWNER. I turned my head while pulling Miss and said "Why don't you just pick the damn dog up already, it's not hard" and then gave her a warning. "If your dog comes close again, I'm dropping the leash."

Missy is no perfect angel. She is pretty much a psycho when it comes to other dogs but this is why she is always on a leash. There have been two times she has gotten away from me and torn after another animal, the chicken and a cat. The cat incident turned into chasing after a dog incident however. And you bet your bum I screamed bloody murder after my dog. I yelled she wasn't friendly and when I did chase her down I picked her up, thumped her on the bottom, and carried her home in a grip of death. I did not bend down and talk to her.

I'm not a dog expert ofrthe perfect dog owner, but it is a requirement of the apartment complex to have your pet on leashes at all times, so just follow the darn rules people! I don't need another attack while crossing through doggie hell.

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