Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drepression Helps the Missaroo

Whenever I'm having a tough go I sleep on the floor. For some reason it seems to be the only thing that keeps the nightmares at bay. I know it probably sounds weird but my mom and brother do it to.

Last night after finishing my work at the computer, I turned around and Missy was lying in her bed. I thought, instead of making her come to me, tonight I'll go to her. So I grabbed a bunch of blankets and joined her near the floor. She spent the entire night in her dog bed, and for the first time actually slept in it. She probably prefers sleeping in my bed, but I think it was nice that I went to her. I wanted to be near her. That doesn't always happen. I'm usually pushing her over or off me. The Missaroo can often be a pest.

Now this isn't anything to new for her either. We spent the entire month of February on the floor, for the exact same reason actually. But this time she was there first and I just kind of joined her. Hopefully that made her feel pretty special, mom is coming to hang out with me and I don't have to even leave my bed! And yes, she did get a nice long walk in yesterday after work too.


  1. Strange when I sleep on the floor I have nightmares :) You are a great dog mom!

  2. I sleep on the floor when my back hurts. Also, I sleep on the floor next to Steven's bed after he has been gone for a couple of days because I am wierd! It makes me feel better to be close to him. When he was an infant he slept in his crib only one night & I slept on the floor right next to the crib; I couldn't bring myself to leave his room.