Friday, April 9, 2010

Missy Gets a Real Dog Bed

I finally broke down and got Missy a real dog bed. Up until now, she's slept on dog cushions in her crate or just the furniture. Miss ruined both of the cushions I bought her due to the extensive amount she threw up on them while I was gone. You can only wash foam so many times. So now she sleeps on a rather comfy blanket in the crate. She can throw up on that as much as she wants. But I thought it was time she had a little spot of her own on the floor.
I found a relatively cheap one, considering I bought it at a pet store. It's just the right size for the Missaroo too. I put it under my desk by the heating vent where she seems to lay the most. There was only one problem; she just started lying in front of it. Hmm....

I tried putting it in her crate to show her is to belong to her. I usually put all of her toys in there and anytime she is given a treat it's also put in the crate. Therefore Missy equates the crate with her property. That still didn't work. Then I received some great advice from my own mom. She told me to put my scent on it, then the Missaroo would know it was A ok to sleep there. So while Miss spent the day at daycare, I spent the day smelling up her bed. I used it as a pillow while I read for class and warmed myself up by the vent. As my family, and more specifically my dad, can attest nothing says home like a blanket in front of the heating vent to me. Well, I even managed to do one better. Not only did I use her never been used bed as a pillow, but I actually fell asleep and drooled all over it!

The next morning as I was getting ready for work I noticed Missy wasn't laying on the floor in the doorway watching me put my makeup on like usual. I peer around the corner and there she was napping in her very own bed! Thanks mom!

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