Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gunky Eyes

So yesterday it was throw up, but everyday for the Missaroo is a gunky eye day. ((Hey, at least I'm getting away from the posts that are all about me)) I never thought she would be a gunky eye dog either, but she is. You know there are some breeds you expect it from, but I guess she's a little bit of every breed all rolled into one.

All the time, especially in the morning she has gunk I have to clear out. She's pretty good about me wiping around her eyes too. It's best if I get it on the first try, if I have to go back she sees the fingers coming and tries to move her head. I'm pretty good at just grabbing her face and making her hold still. At least I win that battle.

At night, it looks like she's been crying. I'm not really sure what the gunky eye thing is all about and the worst part is I can't remember if it was always like this or its just a Spokane thing. I guess we'll added it to the weird Missaroo list and ask the vet next time we go.

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