Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Great (Potty) Outdoors

WARNING: Our funny little blog gets a tad bit gross.

One of the most annoying things about Missy is how long it takes her to go to the bathroom. As I've mentioned before, she is great about waking me up to take her out and if she has to pee it's usually only a matter of seconds before she goes. Poop is another story. She has to find just the perfect spot. I tell her, "Miss you're a dog, the entire outdoors is your bathroom, just poop already." As a dog mom, I can tell she has to go just like any good kid mom can spot a potty dance before it starts. Missy will even walk around squatting because she really, really has to go right now but still hasn't found that perfect spot. Why that perfect spot also has to be three feet into someone's yard and/or the darkest place she can find I'll just never know. Just once I'd like it to be directly under a lamp post. Fat chance. I bet we are quite the sight too. Me all bundled up in the cold night, poop bag in hand waiting for her to do her business mumbling about how she should just pick a spot and go. Her sniff, sniff, sniffing around and then walking around in a squat in someone's yard. Either way, I bet you're pretty happy this post didn't come with a picture.

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