Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life Adventure

Missy and I had what I like to call a life adventure today. It actually started last night.

On my way home from class my phone wouldn't work. I had just called AT&T about a problem I was having with my phone two weeks before and now this time I couldn't even get into anything on my phone. I don't have a land line or any other phone so I stopped by work. I have to pass work in order to get home and there I can use the phone. I feel stupid coming into work for any reason on my day off but what else was I suppose to do? So I called my dad first to get the 800-number to call AT&T. He tells me, "dude they might not help you because the bill is overdue" What? Awesome. Of course they'll help me, and they did. They told me my phone was cashed, but the good news is I'm eligible for an upgrade, once the bill is paid of course. I call my dad back and tell him, "pay the bill my phone is cashed". He tells me he'll try but he's pretty busy in the check cutting room tomorrow.

Now, for anyone who knows anything about my dad this is pretty darn typical. Doesn't have his bills paid on time, can't diverge from his schedule in order to make this work for me. I complain that I can't find a 28 to 32 year old man with his crap together; well I'd take a 56-year-old dad with his crap together as well.

So at the same time my phone died that night, the check engine light came on in my car. Because that's exactly how life happens. Today Missaroo and I got up early and headed to the Quality Care place down the street. The best part about where I live on the hill is everything is within walking distance. So we drop the car off and walk, in the rain of course because once again life, and head to the AT&T store which is across from my apartment. So I tie Miss up outside and go in to see about my phone. Bill still not paid. Are you kidding me? My dad is two hours ahead of me and three hours into his work day. This is not happening. So I leave and walk home. I get a hold of my brother via his girlfriend and the internet and tell him to call dad because he can pay the bill over the phone right this second. Dad doesn't have his phone on him in the check cutting room. Of course he doesn't. So after a few emails and other phone calls later I just decide I'm going to pay the darn bill myself and he can mail me the check. I head back out into the rain to get my phone.

Two hours later I have my shinny new Blackberry. It's so awesome I don't even know how to use it. Thank goodness my old phone cashed out because this baby rocks! By the time I turn it on I have five voicemails, two from my mom because she doesn't know about the phone situation and three from the Quality Care guy. My car needs a lot of work. Of course it does, I just bought a $300 phone. So I tell him go ahead let's do it, walking in the rain sucks.

By this time it's after 1pm and nothing has been marked off my "to do" list. I shower but still haven't eaten anything. So Missy and I head out on foot again, this time the rain has stopped. We walk to McDonalds which is next to the car place and then go pick up the car. The nice old fellows even let her wait inside with me so I didn't have to tie her up! How great is that!?!

At 3:45 pm we're ready to pull into the garage, but oh! we can't! There is a moving truck parked outside my apartment and it's blocking exactly two parking spots and one of them is mine, of course it is! So I park in the middle of the lot and take Miss upstairs, get the guys to move the truck so I can pull in. WHAT A DAY!

So here's my thoughts on all of this, other than my dad is ridiculous still and my mom is a saint for putting up with him all those years. I am truly, unbelievably blessed! Today was one of the longest, most irritating ones I've had in a long time. Well then I'm doing pretty well aren't I? I have a sweet new phone, an amazing dog to trek across the hill with and a mom to tell me I know honey, you're father is nuts. I have a brother who woke up and helped me as best he could without question. I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge. I had shoes on my feet and sweatshirt over my head while I got soaked in the rain. Miss and I were almost living out of the car 8 months ago and today we have a great apartment with a garage. And even then we had amazing people in our lives that kept us from living out of the car. So the next time life gives you an adventure praise the Lord for it, because it will remind you how truly blessed you are.

"Sounds like life to me, ain't no fantasy. The only thing for certain is uncertainty"

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