Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There Really is No Embarrassment Like Kid Mom Embarrassment

Missaroo freaks out the most when she is on her way home from daycare. I think a large portion of that can be contributed to the fact she just got done running around with a ton of other dogs, and now she thirsty, hungry, and all riled up. She barks A LOT on the way home. It's super annoying and embarrassing. Today we were at a stoplight when a man came kind of half running half jogging down the street and cutting through the stopped cars to get across. Now it was also very warm and sunny today, so as you can imagine my windows were down. That's when Missy started in. The guy couldn't help but laugh, the driver behind me couldn't help but laugh. I'm sure a lot of other drivers were also laughing at my freak out dog. I didn't noticed, I was too busy hiding my head behind my hand. It's the equivalent to a kid throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store.

A few blocks later, after Missy had calmed down, I saw a mom pushing a stroller up the street near a very busy park. The speed limit there is 20, and trust me when I tell you, everyone goes 20 or LESS down the street. So traffic is slowly moving up the hill while this woman is going down the hill. As we get closer, I see a two or three-year-old a few steps behind her. As we inch closer, I notice the kid is SCREAMING CRYING with his pants down around his ankles. Mom finally turns around and sees her kid, pants down, waddling up the street. The same head to hand motion I had pulled a few blocks earlier is now the one she's engaged in. I LAUGHED ALL THE WAY UP THE HILL. As embarrassing as Missy is there is no dog equivalent to turning around and seeing your half naked child screaming after you as traffic slowly laughs. Thanks Miss for not being a kid.

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