Monday, April 19, 2010

Panic Dog Mom Mode

It's time to relive an adventure we had while living in the Tri-Cities. I remembered it while laying in bed last night peeking over the covers at Missaroo. I was thinking about how much I really do love my crazy dog and my life would suck without her ((yes, you can thank Kelly Clarkson for that line, but it's true)).

It was a summer day in the Tri-Cities and Missy and I were on a weekend walk. We were headed down the street like always when two motorcycles came roaring by. I stopped to try to get a hold of Missy but she managed to slip her collar and BAM! Off she went chasing the motorcycles at full speed, and she's a fast little devil. Up and around the corner from where I stood was a four lane intersection and I knew if she made it that far and kept going at best she'd get hit by a car. I went into panic dog mom mode. I of course yelled, MISSY! And then took off running. I'm really not sure I've ever run that fast in my life, and for those of you who know me well I chose not to run 99.9% of the time.

Going through my head were thoughts like, "where is the nearest animal hospital? Do I have the vet's number saved in my phone? I could always take me little zip up jacket off and try to tie it around her to try and stop the bleeding. How am I going to carry by hurt dog all the way back to my car to get her to the vet?"

I thought for sure Missy was going to get hit. As I turned the corner, a miracle was happening. That little dog was still running full speed but this time it was right at me. Somewhere, somehow she had turned her head and didn't see me so she started in the other direction. I dropped to my knees when I saw her and she ran right into me! I think it's the only time I've ever hugged her. Missaroo does not do hugs. I told her how much she had scared the crap out of me, to never do anything like that again, and then I tightened up her collar and put it back on her. We sat in the grass for a while and played before heading home.
This might be the day when I truly went from being a dog owner to a dog mom.

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