Friday, May 28, 2010

Wrapping Up Best Buds Day

I said we would do a best buds day every Friday in May. Well today is the last Friday, which meant our last best buds day. We might pick it up again, but I'm not too creative and I've run out of places to go. So here's how we spent the last one, for now:

Missy and I headed to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. For those of you who haven't been and aren't from here, Riverfront Park is THE place in Spokane. Everyone knows it and loves it. So we spent an hour walking around. I truly think that even on a gloomy day, Spokane is still beautiful.

Missy was happy to be somewhere we don't go too often and took the time to sniff around.

We also said hello to the ducks, but Missy was less than impressed.

Missaroo also made some friends along the way, but they weren't too receptive.

We ended up walking around for an hour before finally heading home. Then we both stopped for some lunch and a quick update on our twitter pages before we were on the go again. This time we headed to Petco. We walked around the store for about 20 minutes. We said hello to all the other animals there and even some of the people. Then back home we went. Missy got a treat for being so good all day.

By then we were both pooped so we took a nap. And that was pretty much it. I went to work after that. I'm home now and Missy is happy to be chewing on her bone. We might head out for a night stroll before bed and the long work weekend begins. We did go out in style though, doing all the things we love, together.

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